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Firstmix Lite

Firstmix Lite is targeted at DIY enthusiasts and contractors who use fresh concrete infrequently and in small quantities. The software allows the user to design concrete with confidence and the knowledge that the concrete poured will have the right consistency and achieve the required strength within the timescale specified.

Firstmix Lite is the low-cost version of Firstmix Express. Firstmix Lite is not quite as advanced as Firstmix Express but allows for the design of simple concrete mixes. Firstmix Express is distributed via the internet only, allowing us to reduce the cost of the software.

If FirstMix Lite does not meet all your requirements, FirstMix Express will give you extra functionality with these features.
  • design of mixes with Pozzolans
  • design of mixes with lightweight aggregate
  • improved facility to take account of the exact water content and absorption of aggregates
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