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FirstMix Express for Concrete Mix Design

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Firstmix enables anyone who has a basic knowledge of concrete to design a concrete mix, that is to find the proportions in which cement, water, fine aggregate and coarse aggregate must be combined in order to produce concrete of the required workability, strength and durability. FirstMix is used by Engineers, Ready Mix Suppliers, Contractors Architects and Universities all over the world.

Firstmix uses the long established and universally accepted "DOE Method" of concrete mix design. The method is based on "the absolute volume principle". It was developed for use with normal cements and aggregates and can be applied to concrete mix design anywhere in the world.

Material properties vary througout the world and from gravel pit to gravel pit and no two batches of agregates will ever have identical properties. FirstMix allows you to fine tune your mix designs by taking into account the results of trial mixes.

Firsrmix is is used throughout the world but we recognize that local customs vary. For this reason you can customize Firstmix to suit your preferences:
  • Inch-lb or SI units.
  • Cylinder or Cube Tests for measuring concrete strength.
  • Slump or Vebe Time Tests for measuring workability.
  • Specify cement properties and aggregate characteristics.

A Mix Design Form, on which data may be entered for a mix design, is displayed when Firstmix is started.

Primary design parameters

  • Required characteristic concrete strength and age
  • Max size and type of course/fine aggregate
  • Workability
  • Type of cement
  • Minimum and maximum cement content

Advanced design options

  • Pozzolans
  • Lightweight aggregate
  • improved facility to take account of the exact water content and absorption of aggregates

Main results of a mix design

  • Required cement content
  • Required free water content
  • Required course aggregate content
  • Required fine aggregate content
  • Density of fresh concrete
  • Mix density
  • Required mix volumes / weights
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