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Concrete Mix Design and Test Methods

Title: Concrete Mix Design and Test Methods
Author: Irving Kett
Price: $79.95

The Romans used an early type of concrete made with natural pozzuolanic cement more than 2,000 years ago. Today, Portland Cement Concrete is the most important material of construction. Yet few books, if any, exist that offer an in-depth analysis of the mixing and testing methods of this vital hydraulic cement. Until now that is. Engineered Concrete: Mix Design and Test Methods helps engineers, as well as laboratory technicians, grasp a better understanding of Portland Cement and Portland Cement Concrete.

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Concrete Mix Design, Quality Control and Specification

Title: Concrete Mix Design, Quality Control and Specification (with CD ROM
Author: Ken W. Day
Price: $100.00

A new edition of this well established and reknowned book. Inadequate control of concrete can cause expensive delays and disputes during construction. This book illustrates how computers and high-tech testing equipment can save time and money in controlling concrete. The philosophies and methods can be applied to a full range of types of concrete and on straight forward to advanced construction projects. The style is direct and practical. The new edition details major advances in the systems in addition to bringing the book completely up to date with recent advances in concrete technology.

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Title: Asphalt Concrete Mix Design : Development of More Rational Approaches (Astm Special Technical Publication, 1041)
Author: William Gartner(Editor)

Paperback / Published 1989
Price: $32.00

Papers presented at a symposium held Dec. 9, 1987, Bal Harbor, Fla. Seven papers present a review of current efforts to develop more rational (less empirical) approaches to mix design. No index. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

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Title: Mix Design Methods for Asphalt Concrete/MS-2
Author: Woodworth et.al.

Hardcover / Published 1994
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Title: Reserved Concrete Mix Design and Test Methods
Author: Irving Kett

Hardcover / Published 1999
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